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We have developed a number of attractive templates for use on Ripe Website Manager powered websites. Each template provides excellent clarity, a clear navigation and clean, simple designs suited to todays fast moving internet and leaving your website ready for your content.

Each template is customisable as Ripe provides access to the style sheet and image fiolders so you will be able to add your own branding or colours or even change specific sections of the template to fine-tune it to your specific needs.

Below are just three template variations from thousands of different designs and needs.


Zincsplit is a two-part template with a simple yet attractive front page including three attractive link boxes that direct users to the pages beyond. Zincsplit-iinside is for all your page content. We suggest that as Zincsplit is only used once (for the front page), that you set your default template to zincsplit-inside, meaning every page you make will automatically be ready for content. To see zincsplit-inside click here



Activespace is a template that provides the maximum possible content space enabling you to produce columns, include images, insert tables, video players and other Ripe goodies. Like all Ripe templates, activespace is simple in design, bold on the page and designed to promote each page you make to maximum effect on the the search engines..



Picklebiz is an ideal 'brochure site' template. If you really want to show off your products or services but don't need an ecommerce solution (online shop), picklebiz provides for you. It is extremely attractive and easy to navigate, a pre-requisite for a successful website.